Northwestern Regional School District No. 7

Board of Education


Ms. Molly Sexton Read

Vice Chair

Mr. Robert Jerram
New Hartford

Secretary / Treasurer

Mr. Noel Gauthier
New Hartford


Ms. Mimi Duran

Mrs. Theresa Kenneson

Mrs. Deb Bell

Ms. Lisa Ann Fragale

Ms. Katherine Vandiver

Student Representatives

Zachary Austin

Goals for Regional School District No. 7 Board of Education:

  • Implement and stay abreast of 21st Century teaching and learning technologies that will equip students for future success.
  • Ensure that existing programs, staffing needs and resources remain appropriate for the Regional School District No. 7 allowing Regional School District No. 7 to meet or exceed all Connecticut SDE educational requirements.
  • Continually assess Board of Education organization and operations to ensure balance between educational programming priorities and fiscal responsibilities.
  • Continue to expand and enhance communication with the public and community in our role as ambassadors for the District; including reviewing and updating the Board of Education Five Year Plan.
  • In collaboration with administration, ensure that high quality instruction, the foundation of high achievement for all students, is present in every classroom.
  • Foster an environment that instills students with values, such as a work ethic, integrity and respect for others.
    2017-2018 District Goals: Theory of Action Statements 

Board of Education Documents