Northwestern Regional School District No. 7



Index to Policy 0000 Series

0000 Statement of Philosophy
0050 Code of Ethics
0100 Mission Statement
0200 Goals Objectives for Student Accomplishment
0521 Nondiscrimination
0521.1 Grievance Procedure for Section 504, Title IX and Title VIII Regulations
0521.2 Commitment to Religious Neutrality (Prayer in the Schools)


Index to Policy 1000 Series

1110.1 Parent Involvement
1112 News Media Relationships
1112.5 Media Access to Students
1120 Public Participation at Board Meetings
1140 Distribution of Materials by Students
1220 Advisory Committees to the Board
1260 Educational Foundations
1312 Complaints and Concerns
1316.1 Public Conduct at School Activities
1322 Student Contests
1324 Soliciting Funds From and By Students
1325 Advertising and Promotion
1330 Use of School Facilities
1331 Smoke-Free Environment
1700 Otherwise Lawful Possession of Firearms on School Property


Index to Policy 2000 Series

2000.01 Board-Superintendent Relationship
2120 RSD7 Organizational Chart
2131 Superintendent of Schools
2210 Policy and Regulation Systems
2300 Statement of Ethics for Administrators
2400 Evaluation of Administrators
2460 Retention and Disposal of Administrative Records


Index to Policy 3000 Series

3110 Budget Planning
3160 Transfer of Funds Between Categories
3231 Medicaid Reimbursement For Special Education Students & Admin Regs
3240 Tuition Fees
3260 Sales and Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Equipment and Materials
3280 Gifts, Grants, and Bequests
3281.1 Business Industry and Corporate Involvement
3320 Purchasing Procedures
3323 Soliciting Prices, Bidding Requests
3434 Periodic Audits
3435 Accounts - Fraud Prevention and Investigation
3453 Student Activity Funds
3511 Compliance with 504 Regulations
3513.1 Energy Conservation
3516 Health and Safety Concerns
3516.4 Sex Offender Notification
3516.5 Sex Offenders on School Property
3520.13 Student Data Privacy
3524 Hazardous Materials in School and Admin Regulations
3541 School Transportation and Admin Regulations
3541.44 Transporting Students in Privately Owned Vehicles
3542.31 Free or Reduced Lunch Prices and Admin Regs
3542.43 Food Service Charging Policy
3543.31 Electronic Communication Use and Retention and Admin Regs
3549.9 Transportation Safety Complaints


Index to Policy 4000 Series

4000.1 Title IX
4110 Recruit Employ Professional Staff
4111-4211 Recruitment and Selection
4111.1-4211.1 Equal Employment Opportunity
4111.3 Minority Recruitment
4112 Appointment
4112.5-4212.5 Security Check Fingerprinting
4112.6-4212.6 Personnel Records
4112.8-4212.8 Nepotism:  Employment of Relatives
4115 Evaluation and Support Program
4115.3 Policy Regarding Athletic Coaches
4117.4 Nonrenewal/Suspension
4118.1-4218.1 Duties of Personnel
4118.11-4218.11 Nondiscrimination
4118.13-4218.13 Conflict of Interest
4118.14-4218.14 Disabilities
4118.51(c)-4218.51 Social Networking Websites
4118.112-4218.112 Sexual Harrassment
4118.231-4218.231 Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco
4118.234-5141.231 Psychotropic Drug Use
4121 Substitute Teachers
4131 Staff Development
4147.1-4247.1 Occupational Exposure to Bloodborner Pathogens
4147.3-4247.3 Staff Communicable Disease
4148.1(a) - 4248.1 Employee Safety
4152.6-4252.6 Family and Medical Leave Act
4200 Family Violence Leave Policy
4212.42 Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers
4215 Supervision and Evaluation


Index to Policy 5000 Series

5113 Attendance, Excused Absences and Truancy with Admin. Regs.
5113.2 Truancy
5114 Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process
5114.1 Exclusion from Co-Curricular Activities
5118 School Accommodations to Resident and Non-Resident Children in the RSD#7 Public Schools
5118.1 Homeless Students
5123 Promotion, Acceleration, Retention
5125-5125.1 Student Records
5125.11 Health Medical Records
5126 Board of Education Student Achievement Awards
5131 Conduct at School and Activities
5131.1 Bus Conduct
5131.6 Alcohol Use, Drugs, and Tobacco (Including Performance Enhancing Substances)
5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
5131.8 Out of School Misconduct
5131.9 Gang Activity or Association
5131.21 Student Code of Conduct - Threats
5131.61 Smoking Policy
5131.81 Electronic Devices
5131.91 Hazing
5131.111 Video Surveillance
5131.911 Bullying and Teen Dating Violence
5131.913 Cyberbullying
5136 Foreign Exchange Students
5141.3 School Entrance, Immunization and Screening Requirements
5141.4 Reporting of Child Abuse or Neglect
5141.5 Suicide Prevention
5141.6 Crisis Response
5141.7 Student Sports - Concussion and Head Injuries
5141.21 Administering Medications
5141.22 Communicable and Infectious Diseases
5141.24 Students, Staff with HIV, ARC, or AIDS
5141.25 Students with Special Health Care Needs
5144.1 Use of Physical Force
5145.4(A) Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504
5145.4(B) Nondiscrimination
5145.5 Exploitation/Sexual Harassment
5145.6 Student Grievance Procedures
5145.11 Law Enforcement Officials
5145.12 Search and Seizure
5145.14 On-Campus Recruitment
5145.53 Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth
5145.121 Vehicle Searches on School Grounds
5145.122 Use of Dogs to Search School Property
5145.124 Use of Alcohol Detection Devices 
5145.511 Sexual Abuse Prevention and Education Program


Index to Policy 6000 Series

6000 Concept and Roles in Instruction
6111 School Calendar
6114 Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness
6114.1 Fire Emergency (Drills)
6114.8 Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness - Pandemic Flu
6115 Ceremonies and Observances
6121 Non Discrimination in the Instructional Program
6140/6141 Curriculum Policy
6141 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
6141.311 Limited English Proficiency Program
6141.312 Migrant Students
6141.328(a) Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Protocol for the Use of Technology in the Schools
6142.1 Family Life Education
6142.101 School Wellness
6144 Controversial Issues
6144.1 Exemption from Instruction
6145.3 Student Publications
6145.8 Student Activity Funds
6146 Graduation Requirements
6146.1 Grading - Assessment Systems
6150 Computer System Acceptable Use
6152 Grouping Policy
6153 Field Trips
6154 Student Homework
6159 Individualized Education Program/Special Education Program
6161 Selection of Textbooks and Instructional Material
6161.2 Care of Instructional Materials
6161.3 Comparability of Services
6162.6 Copyright Laws Compliance
6162.61 Survey of Students
6164.11 Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco
6164.12 Acquired Immunine Deficiency Syndrome
6171 Special Education
6172.3 Parent Instruction of Students at Home
6172.4 Title I Parent Involvement
6172.41 Title I Programs
6176 Career Education
6180 Evaluation of the Instructional Program
6181 Evaluation of Special Education Program
6200 Adult Continuing Education


Index to Policy 9000 Series

9000 Roles, Responsibilities, and Limits of Authority
9110 Number of Members, Plan of Representation, and Terms of Office
9120 Annual Organizational Meeting
9121 Board of Education Officers
9125 Legal Representation
9127 Duties of the Auditor
9130 Committees
9131 Standing Committees and Representatives
9132-9133 Special Committees and Advisory Committees
9160 Student Representatives to the Board of Education
9270 Conflict of Interest
9271 Code of Ethics
9310 Formulation, Adoption, and Amendment of Policies
9313 Administrative Regulations
9314 Suspension of Policies, Bylaws, Regulations
9321 Regular and Special Meetings
9322 Executive Session
9323 Agenda
9325 Meeting Conduct and Parliamentary Procedures
9330 Board, School System Records
9440 Monitoring Products and Processes


Green Cleaning Program in Schools
Green Products


The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) treats data confidentiality and the privacy of student educational records very seriously. It complies with all federal laws including Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), state statutes, and guidelines to protect confidential data.

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