Northwestern Regional School District No. 7

Agricultural Education

  • December 8th (Thursday) 2:15-3:15. Students will create decorative holiday swags from seasonal greens to take home or donate.
  • Feb. 13th (Monday) 2:15-3:15. Students will create a flower boutonniere or corsage and write a thank you note to school employees here at NWR7 Middle and High School.
  • Spring Dates T/B/D

Agricultural Education Staff

Program Director:
Ms. Mia J. Haaland
860.379.9013, ext. 4003

Instructors/FFA Advisors:
Mr. Erick Wildes
Ms. Lori Trovato

Office Manager:
Ms. Barbara Collins
860.379.8525, ext. 4000

The agricultural education program is designed for any student who expresses an interest in any of the following areas: plant science, animal science, natural resources, forestry, mechanics, business management, and leadership. The program is intended to prepare students for college as well as for employment immediately following high school. All courses in this program combine theory and hands-on experience to provide technical skill training and knowledge in a wide variety of careers. All courses can be linked together into a four-year sequence or can be taken independently. State regulations require all students to participate in a work experience program. This program should be related to agriculture and involves a time commitment outside school hours. Students must also participate in certain local activities of the FFA which is a national student leadership organization. Also, physical education courses may be scheduled in conjunction with agricultural labs. Any student interested in this program should contact his/her guidance counselor or the agricultural education staff for information.

Because of the nature of the agricultural education program, courses offered will rotate from year to year. Level 3 agriculture education courses marked with an asterisk (*) may also be taken for Level 2 weight. Students interested in this opportunity should discuss course requirements with that teacher.

Courses Offered:

  • FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience Program
  • Exploring Agriculture
  • Agricultural Lab
  • Companion Animal Science
  • Equine Science
  • Food Science
  • Fruit and Vegetable Production
  • Small Engines and Outdoor Power Equipment

2016-2017 FFA Officer Team

Vice President

Jackie Johnson
Todd Holm
Courtney Lepore
Will Little
Maggi Anstett
Teryn Goulet
Abby Jenner
Barbara LeGeyt