Northwestern Regional School District No. 7

Bus Information

All parents are asked to call their local bus contractor for specific pick-up locations and times. For other information, call the school at 860.379.8525 and ask for the bus coordinator.

Location and BUS routeS company / Phone Number
Barkhamsted 2017-2018 LeGeyt

Colebrook/Norfolk 2017-2018 All-Star
New Hartford 2017-2018 DATTCO


Remember: Proper behavior and adherence to posted rules are required of all students while on a bus. Students may be disciplined or suspended from transprtation services for endangering persons, destroying property, or violating posted rules. Any parent or student with a concern about bus safety should immediately report this concern to any school staff member. (Policy #3545)

How does my child take a different bus or get off at a different place?

If a student should have to take a different bus or leave the bus at any point other than the ususal stop it is necesary for the student to obtain a bus permit. A bus permit is issued by the School Office secretary after receipt of a note dated and signed by the parent or guardian. This note, which should indicate where the student wishes to get off the bus must be presented in the morning to the secretary. The bus permit may be obtained later in the day at the School Office.

A permanent bus pass (in duplicate) may be issued upon written request of the parent/guardian for a student who finds it necessary to get off at a special stop regularly. One copy shall be given to the bus driver and the other kept by the student.


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