Northwestern Regional School District No. 7

District Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Northwestern Regional is a comprehensive public Middle School-High School. We serve the total Regional Community with emphasis on middle school and high school students. Our educational program promotes cognitive, personal and social development in a safe learning environment. We seek to empower students to be independent lifelong learners and contributors in a changing society.

Vision Statement

Northwestern Regional will be characterized by such vitality that all members will be enthusiastic to learn, work and grow. The school community will aspire to excellence in every educational experience, including the use of current and emerging technologies. We will demonstrate responsibility for ourselves, as well as to our family, community, nation and the world.

Belief Statements

  • We believe that all of Northwestern's programs contribute to meeting the needs of the school community and that these programs are united by that common goal.
  • We believe in a personalized school setting where teachers and students can come to know one another, and where students feel acknowledged and respected as individuals.
  • We believe in the importance of curriculum which helps students to apply knowledge beyond isolated learning environments.
  • We believe that each Northwestern student must hold to the highest possible standards of achievement in reading, writing, listening, speaking, computing, problem solving, independent learning and productive citizenship.
  • We believe that the fine and performing arts play an important role in helping Northwestern students develop appreciation for their cultural history and provide enriching avenues for self-expression.
  • We believe that participation in athletics, student government, and other school based activities contribute to the development of important skills and talents and that these experiences are valuable for all students.
  • We believe that the opportunities to learn the skills needed to participate fully in a democracy are fundamental to education.
  • We believe that students of all abilities must be challenged and helped to do their best work.
  • We believe in school discipline which is firm, fair, and clearly stated, and student self-discipline that is respected and reinforced by Northwestern school policies, faculty, and staff.
  • We believe that Northwestern must challenge every student through the use of a wide variety of instructional technology to stimulate student thinking, reasoning, questioning, and creativity.
  • We believe that the Northwestern community is more than faculty, staff and students. Parents, community organizations and individuals have a place in our school and offer unique contributions to our educational program.