Northwestern Regional School District No. 7

School Counseling

Director of School Counseling:
Ms. Johanna DeZurik

School Counselor Faculty:

Mrs. Amy Dressel
Grade 10: A-J
Grade 11: A-Ha
Grade 12: A-F

Ms. Johanna DeZurik
Grade 10: K-N
Grade 11: He-L
Grade 12: G-Mc

Mrs. Trina McHugh
Grade 10: O-Z
Grade 11: M-Z
Grade 12: Me-Z

Mrs. Thea Davidson
Grade 9 and School to Career

The Guidance department of Northwestern Regional is committed to the intellectual, emotional and social growth of all students. By guiding each student through his/her educational program, we seek to foster and facilitate the development of the student's potential.

SCHOOL counselors perform functions related to:

  • academic counseling
  • personal counseling
  • post-secondary and career planning
  • monitoring of student educational process
  • standardized testing
  • consulting with staff and parents
  • emergencies or crises
  • records keeping
  • in-school and home-school communications

Counselors strive to develop a personal educational plan for each student, based upon individual abilities, needs achievements and interests. We try to help students relate school to longer-range personal and career goals. In line with this, we provide information related to the job market, the military, technical schools and colleges.

Counselors are available to help students in adjusting socially to new situations, communicating better with parents or friends, dealing with personal problems and helping them make decisions. We are here to assist teachers and parents in helping their students to succeed by developing more in helping their students to succeed by developing more positive relationships and learning good study skills. We also encourage parents to contact us to assist you in your student's daily adjustments and challenges, as well as to consult with you regarding long-range educational planning.



Planning for education after high school (requires password, contact your guidance counselor). Includes the following:

  • College Information
  • College Search
  • College Acceptance Scattergrams
  • Upcoming College Visits
  • Local Scholarship Information
  • Links to Relevant Websites
  • Career Information
  • Personality Type Indicator: Do What You Are
  • Career Interest Profiler

Career Cruising

Career planning information (requires password, contact your guidance counselor)

NCAA Clearing House

Information for college athletics


College information and college search engine


Education Verification  Please fax your request together with a signed release, including date of graduation to 860.738.6207

Transcript Request (former students)  To request a copy of your transcript for yourself as a former student of NWR7, please email or fax 860.738.6207

The following should be included in your request:

Date of Birth
Year of Graduation or withdrawal
Name and address to send transcript

Unofficial transcripts can be released to the requestor.  Official transcripts can only be sent to colleges, universities, or employers, etc., upon your request.  Please click here for a form that can be submitted via fax, email, or US Mail.


Information for educational scholarships

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