Northwestern Regional School District No. 7

School Profile

Dr. Judy Palmer

High School Principal
Mr. Kenneth L. Chichester

Middle School Principal
Mr. Fran Amara

Housemaster I
Mr. Joesph Masi

Housemaster II
Mr. Francis Amara

Guidance Director
Mrs. Johanna DeZurik

HS Guidance Counselors
Mrs. Amy Dressel
Mrs. Trina McHugh

MS Guidance Counselors
Mr. Bruce Miller
Mrs. Amanda Cormier


Regional School District No. 7 is composed of four rural-suburban towns: Barkhamsted, Colebrook, New Hartford and Norfolk. The district, consisting of 157 square miles, is located twenty miles west of Hartford and has a population of approximately 12,700.

School & Faculty

Northwestern Regional High School is a comprehensive public school which operated under a house plan. Opened in September, 1958, the school is accredited by the New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. The school campus of 42 acres includes two 9-12 Houses. Enrollment in grades 9-12 is currently 749. Ninety five percent of the professional staff have a masters degree or equivalent.The average class size in the academic program is 20. Students in grade ten in Connecticut public schools participate in a mastery test (Connecticut Academic Performance Test)developed by the State Department of Education.

Program & Offerings

The school curriculum is both flexible and encompassing, offering numerous one-semester, as well as full-year courses at intriductory through advanced levels. The school operates on a fully rotating schedule which includes a 67 minute period for each class once every seven days, with the remaining periods being 43 minutes in duration. Classes meet five times weekly for thirty-six weeks per one credit course: 1/2 credit is given for a one-semester subject and a 1/4 credit for each year of physical education/health. Marking periods are every 9 weeks. Laboratory work is required in the college preparatory sciences as well as in German, French, and Spanish. The school also has an Agricultural Education Program.

Credits & Grades

Students must earn 21 credits for graduation. These include 4 credits in English, one each in physical education and health, 3 each in mathematics, and in social studies (which must include 1 credit in U.S. History and 1/2 credit of Civics), 2 in science (which must include 1 credit in Biology), and one in the arts or vocational education. Students receiving honors must maintain a "B" average. All failing grades are reported on the school transcript. Only students who withdraw from a semester course in the beginning five weeks or from a full year course in the beginning ten weeks receive a "W" for withdrawal. Thereafter, withdrawals are reported as a "WF" on the transcript.

Class Rank

Our system recognizes pluses and minuses, and differentiates in weight between honors, college preparatory, general and remedial level course work. Both the weighted GPA and unweighted GPA are reported on the high school transcript with class rank reported in deciles.

Honors and /or Advanced Placement courses are offered in every major discipline. Honors courses are signified by an "H" following a course title. A "C" or "G" following a course title indicates college preparatory or general level of difficulty respectively. University of Connecticut courses are signified by a "UC". Advanced Placement courses are designated by "AP."

Grade Symbols

  • A+ = 97-100
  • A = 93-96
  • A- = 90-92
  • B+ = 87-89
  • B = 83-86
  • B- = 80-82
  • C+ = 77-79
  • C = 73-76
  • C- = 70-72
  • D+ = 67-69
  • D = 63-66
  • D- = 60-62
  • F = 59 or below

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