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Important Information regarding School Meals for Students 2022 – 2023

·         All meals at no cost for all children due to temporary federal assistance. 

·         Complete a Free & Reduced Meal Application if you believe you qualify.

Why are all student meals temporarily at no cost?

During school year 2022-23, the school district has opted into the School Meals Assistance Revenue for Transition (SMART) funds providing meals (first breakfast and first lunch) at no cost for all students at the beginning of the school year. Please note that meals at no cost to all students will be temporary and is unlikely to last all year and is subject to the availability of  SMART funds. We will notify families at least one month in advance of a change over to paid meals.

Questions related to School Meals may be directed to Becky Tyrrell, Food Service Director at EdAdvance at or 860-567-0863 ext. 1148.

Why should I complete an application?

It is critical that households submit a free and reduced-priced meal application as soon as possible to determine a student’s eligibility for this school year and avoid unpaid meal charges when SMART funds are depleted. Also, students who qualify for Free & Reduced Meals may be eligible for other benefits throughout the school year unrelated to food service. The district will notify parents and guardians of the date when students who are not directly certified or have no approved application on file will be expected to pay for their meals one month in advance. Households that do not qualify through a free or reduced-price application or whose child is not directly certified, will automatically default to full pay when the SMART funds conclude.

What should I do if I receive a Direct Certification Letter?

Children receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) or Medicaid (HUSKY A) benefits may be directly certified and automatically eligible for free or reduced meals without completing an application.  If you have received a NOTICE OF DIRECT CERTIFICATION for free or reduced-price meals, do not complete the application unless instructed to do so by the district. Let the school know if any children in your household are not listed on the Notice of Direct Certification letter you received, since free or reduced meal benefits are extended to all children in a household when directly certified.


*No lunch or breakfast  served during exams.  Menu is subject to change.   Inclement weather may also affect menu.  Thank you.



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Meal Payments

For convenience & safety, we encourage pre-payment of meals and snacks. Payment options are as follows: 

  • Create an on-line account with to have accessibility to your student’s account and be able to deposit money on-line.
  • Checks can be made out to: Northwestern Regional School Food Service and brought directly to the cashier to be deposited in your child’s account. 

If you have questions related to this system please contact Becky Tyrrell, Food Services Director, at or 860-567-0863.