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Highlander Highlights  |  NWR7 District Updates

Greetings Northwestern Regional School District No. 7 Students, Families and Colleagues:

I am honored to serve as your new superintendent and want to thank the NWR7 Board of Education for entrusting me with this important leadership role. I have served as an educator and educational leader in a variety of capacities for 30 years, and I am excited to continue my journey at NWR7. I have served as a tutor, assistant teacher, teacher, coach, adult education director, high school assistant principal, high school principal, assistant superintendent and most recently as the Superintendent in Plainville for the last 4 years. My journey has been an interesting, challenging and highly rewarding one thus far, and I am thrilled to be here in Region 7 to continue serving our students, families, and my new colleagues. 

Following in the footsteps of Dr. Judy Palmer will admittedly not be an easy task. I find it interesting that some transitioning administrators avoid using the name of their predecessor because they want to make a name for themselves rather than highlight the past. I am a bit different, in that I believe in respecting and honoring the legacy of those who served before us, and Dr. Palmer fully deserves such respect. While I am not Dr. Palmer, I hope you will find that we share some of the same character traits and qualities. Through my ongoing interactions with Dr. Palmer, I found her to be a kind and thoughtful relationship builder, a collaborator, an instructional leader, a coach and supporter of everyone who works with her, and someone who always puts the needs of students at the forefront of decisions. I can't think of a more important set of qualities in an educational leader.

When I packed my office to prepare for my move here, I realized that I had accumulated hundreds of letters, cards and kind messages from past students, parents and colleagues. These expressions of thanks and kindness are treasures to me, because they remind me that my career is one that affords great potential to positively impact the lives of others. When done well, school and district leaders have incredible potential to impact the lives of others for the better. I hope to do exactly that in Region 7. I have every intention and hope to impact lives and to improve them through a relentless commitment to doing what is best for this learning community and everyone who comes here to learn and work each day. I look forward to serving as your superintendent, and I hope you rest assured, knowing that I will do everything possible to make this learning community the very best it can be over the years ahead. 

I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of the students and staff, and as many of our region’s families as soon as possible over the coming months. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding anything you’d like to discuss, or to just say hello and have an introductory conversation. I believe that communication is really important, so I will continue to share updates and information with you on a regular basis. I am always open to listening for ways to improve our school community, and look forward to partnering with you toward that end. Thank you for your anticipated support and collaboration.


Steven K. LePage, Superintendent of Schools