In accordance with NWR7's acceptable use policy, gradating senior's Gmail accounts are closed at the end of their senior year.  A common question is how data can be downloaded or saved for future use.  Aside from a manual process, three options are listed below which may aide in the efficient transfer of this data.  Other publicly available applications are available and can be used at user discretion.

1.  Google Takeout.  Google Takeout is a Google app which enables the bulk download of all of your data at once.  Please see these external reference links for instruction:  

What is Google Takeout?  Business Insider

2.  MultCloud is a third party web service which provides free web based cloud storage transfer solutions.

MultCloud and instructions can be found here.  MultCloud

3.  Google Drive Migrator Tool allows users to move data from one Google Drive to another GD.  

Google Drive Migrator Tool can be found here.  Data Recovery




"Google News" on updates for Meet, Classroom, and other online educational tools.

Google Education Update, February 17, 2021.