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Department Chair:
Mr. George Mitesser

Math Faculty:
Mrs. Beth Parsons
Mrs. Diane Jakobsen
Mr. Cody McClave 
Ms. Jennifer Gallaway
Mr. Adam Vaccari
Ms. Nithya Soundararajan
Mr. Ross Griffith
Mr. Josef Barry

Math Department Mission:

1) All Northwestern Regional High School students learn mathematics in order to become lifelong problem solvers.

2) All math students work in collaborative groups every day to discover mathematics concepts, solve problems, and talk about mathematics.

3) All math students complete authentic performance assessments that require students to communicate mathematical reasoning in a variety of ways.

4) All math students have the opportunity to take mathematics courses that prepare them for college and career.


The Mathematics Department at Northwestern Regional seeks to promote the growth and development of each individual within a mathematical context. This is achieved through the application of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards and the Connecticut Mathematics Frameworks in all mathematics classes at Northwestern. Essential knowledge and skills include appropriate math content, problem solving, cooperative grouping, technology, performance assessment and oral and written presentations.

The mathematics department faculty places high expectations upon themselves and their students. The classroom environment is built around a discovery and application approach to mathematics. Students are expected to experiment, investigate, conjecture, communicate, and make presentations on a regular basis. Problem solving occurs in both individual and cooperative group settings with graphing calculators and computers used to enhance learning. Student assessment takes many forms from performance based projects to written tests, and classroom participation to student portfolios.

Course Progressions



Applied Algebra IA
Applied Algebra IB
Applied Algebra II
Algebra I
Algebra II
Honors Algebra II
Applied Geometry
Honors Geometry
Math Skills Seminar


Honors Pre-Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Applied Statistics
Honors Statistics
AP Statistics
AP Computer Science A
Math Mentorship

Intro Computer Science