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Mrs. Stacey Zematis
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Mr. Robert Delaney
Mr. Douglas Sebach
Mr. Jared Stotler
Ms. Rachel Evans

Physical Activity = Health Improvements
Heredity and lifestyle are the two components to a good quality of life
Good choices lead to good habits which leads to a good quality of life

Physical education will individualize a developmentally appropriate, personally challenging, instructional program that will advance the knowledge, confidence, skills, and motivation needed to engage in lifelong, healthy, active lifestyle. Physical education courses not only meet the Northwestern expectations of recognizing, developing and maintaining behaviors that promote lifelong health through a healthy lifestyle, but also help develop the expectation of demonstrating respect for themselves and others, demonstrating a sense of ethics and taking responsibility for their actions through fair play and interaction. Research shows that children who participate in quality physical education programs fare better physically and mentally than children who are not physically active.

The Health Education program is designed to provide students with the appropriate knowledge required to make informed decisions concerning health, wellness and quality of life for a lifetime. Students gain an understanding of how good choices lead to better habits and good habits are important for health improvement and prevention.

Grade 9 focuses on decision making, communication, conflict resolution, self-esteem, diversity, alcohol and drugs, depression and suicide, heart disease, and eating disorders.
Grade 10 topics include decision making, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception choices, dating violence, date rape, social/legal alcohol issues, sexual harassment and assault, and HIV/AIDS.
Grade 11 provides CPR and First Aid Training certification through the Red Cross program as taught by our own certified staff. Personal safety issues are also presented.
Grade 12 explores a variety of topics of important for students graduating high school. Some topics include health and auto insurance, skin and lung cancer, nutritional choices, breast and prostate cancer, chiropractic, alcoholism and drug addiction, and legal issues and safety. Students will also be required to plan, design and present a power point presentation on a current health topic affecting society today. Child Development is also offered as an elective course. Students learn about human growth and development, parenting skills, intellectual development, and the impact caregivers have on children.

Grade 9 Physical Education Physical Education Teaching Assistant
Grade 10 Physical Education Grade 9 Health
Grade 11 Physical Education Grade 10 Health
Grade 12 Physical Education Grade 11 Health
Athletic Training Internship Grade 12 Health
Sports Officiating Child Development