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Ms. Sarah Viets
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Mrs. Simone Hull
Mrs. Rachelle Truting
Ms. Jennifer Calabrese
Ms. Changying Jones
Ms. Jamie Sultaire-Hull
Ms. Laura Core
Mrs. Jeanne Ettanji

In a world in which countries are becoming more and more interdependent economically and socially, the study of foreign languages is essential for all students, not just college-bound students. In our present-day society, knowledge of a foreign language is an adjunct skill which can be an advantage in finding employment. A foreign language increases the awareness of one's own culture and makes one more knowledgeable of and sympathetic to the different heritages of people in our own country and in the international community. It also permits informal communication and facilitates the exchange of ideas and information.

Proficiency in communication is developed through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities at all levels of Spanish, Italian, and Chinese. A minimum of five years of study is required for students to acquire an effective command of all of these skills. In the initial phase, oral/aural communication is stressed over written communication. On the intermediate and advanced levels, all skills are given equal emphasis.


Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
UCONN Spanish V
>Advanced Topic: Film
>Advanced Topic: Novel
Italian I
Italian II
Italian III

UCONN Italian
Chinese II
Chinese III
Honors Chinese IV
Honors Chinese V