About Us


Welcome to Northwestern Middle School, a dynamic community of 7th and 8th grade students that transition to Region 7 from Barkhamsted, Colebrook, New Hartford and Norfolk schools. We are committed to providing a comprehensive education that provides opportunities for students to achieve high standards through rigorous academic programs that support life-long learning as well as intellectual, social, emotional and personal growth. 

Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through collaborative, project based and authentic learning experiences that are designed to engage the wide range of learners. The middle school delivers a rigorous, accessible, and innovative curriculum that is aligned with Connecticut Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. 

At Northwestern Middle School we understand that emotions matter! All members of our school community learn and apply social and emotional learning using the evidence-based RULER Approach. This approach allows our school community to learn and integrate the skills of emotional intelligence into daily life. These skills are essential to building healthy relationships, effective teaching and learning, sound decision making, physical and mental health, and success in school and beyond. 

We believe in the importance of a strong partnership of school, family and community. Research shows that when schools and homes partner to support children’s emotional development, children not only feel better, but they do better. We are committed to providing a safe and quality learning environment that will foster life-long learners and social and personal growth. 

Northwestern provides extensive and diverse co-curricular/student activity offerings that extend our student’s learning beyond the school day and support school connectedness. School connectedness is the belief held by students that adults and peers in the school care about their learning as well as about them as individuals. Students are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors and succeed academically when they feel connected to school. Research shows that students that are connected to school are more likely to be happy and successful.

We encourage all students to come to school with an open mind and to take responsibility for their learning. We ask students to stretch their thinking and take risks in the classroom and challenge themselves. Most importantly, we expect that each member of our school community feels welcomed, respected and valued.

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