Director of Guidance: Mrs. Lori Foote
School Counselors: Ms. Amanda Cormier
  Ms. Jessica Searson

In the middle school, we teach various lessons to the students throughout the school year depending on the need of the students. Every year in December, the eighth graders complete an interest inventory that allows us to help the students identify their "career personality" and to assist them in choosing appropriate courses for high school. Orientations for eighth graders and parents occur in January to further assist families in planning course selections. In addition, we are facilitating groups for any interested students on issues that range from dealing with divorce to making and keeping friends. Groups are a wonderful way for young people to voice their opinions and for counselors to offer skills or techniques that may help students in the future.

Moreover, we are working toward a smooth, successful transition process for sixth graders by visiting the four elementary schools and getting to know the students. In late March/early April, we hold a 6th Grade Parent Orientation that offers information on our programs and class offerings. At this orientation, we will also address parent and student transition concerns.

Our main focus is to work with students, parents, and teachers to help students have a happy and successful experience in middle school. We hope that this description helps you to better understand the role of the guidance department at Northwestern Middle School.

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